“But early my dear.’ said always critical Joe.
“Nay, just gathered: lots more to be done.
This second batch hon!

Then string with #Fairy #lights
Homemade xmas decor.

Pay much money for at the store.
Collecting more for sure.

First batch painted silver and mauve,

Going to do green and red, and golds, add sparkles; colourful bits of glint; bit of evergreen;

also collecting that now and more.

Deep forest colours, to adorn the Xmas tree this year.

Was woman First Nations Winnipeg said,

“Have not been in a #store for a year.”

#forage again now. #story

2021-09-16 v1 it’s been a while; spray the lot with #hairspray, once dry, to keep for the season. Clear veneer works too, that is a dip thing (old #yoghurt containers eh!)

Why? I can do art! Not inclined to much; prefer writing. #words #artwithwords; though being #second *some say it a waste of time; not a hobby, not worthwhile pastime.

Second Learned to write and write well enough. There is always someone whom writes better eh! #SamsRules aim for second; best spot to be; can be both good and bad cop and don’t get the lead chagrin or visible eye. Nice spot, get work done.

Who knew

Gone bust!

no words of late, get to that editing…

21698 Rabbit Holes

Rabbit hole, rabbit holes;
Keep stepping into rabbit holes.
Hour later, find way out,
Sometimes fixed, sometimes still a den of rabbit holes.

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21697 Our History a Thin Slice in Deep Time

Takes so much time the study of deep time.
Immense world-wide collaboration of scientists, researchers, technologists,
Working to ascertain the history of,
The means and ways, of any and all aspects of our world.

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21696 Who Knew Would Miss The Ice

My world has been nice #ice.
Ice as a toddler, as a teen, 20 to 60’s too.
Play outside in the #snow and #ice.
Down the hill rolls, slide into snowbanks, toboggan rides onto iced over rivers and ponds.

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21694 Heh New Canadians! This is Canada Eh!

Well we say ‘Heh.‘ a lot, and also use ‘Eh!
We are mixed bloods, ‘Come from Aways‘ or all Canadians are multinationals.*
Canadians are “too free” some say!
“As free as people can be!” is the reply.

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21692 Whether He Likes It Or Not!

Whether he likes it or not,
Even if he likes it not!
We know,
He will really like it.

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21691 Fitness – Fingers and Knuckles or Only You Can

Get those fingers and knuckles on the floor!
Daily. Three times, at least!
Sit in that easy chair, lean forward,
Slide your fingers down your leg to ankles.

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21690 Pontoon for Humpback Whales and About Their Mating

Saw them!
Orcas too!
Am fully engaged when whale watching.

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21689 Animal Sense

Well the animals know the ones to go to.
Meet and greet, big smile on their faces,
Even the skittish ones,
After a bit.

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